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Largo House Country Park

Refund Policy


Largo House Country Park Ltd only offers goods and services as follows:


Utilities - Gas, Water & Electric

The above are all invoiced after usage and no refund is due once invoiced. If you dispute a meter reading as detailed on your invoice please speak to the office and we will look into the readings taken and if incorrect your invoice will be amended accordingly & any necessary refunds actioned within 7 days.


Accessory Sales & Repairs

Any repairs undertaken to your Holiday Home will be invoiced after the repair. If for any reason you are unhappy with the repair undertaken then please speak to the office within 14 days to resolve the matter.  If a refund is required it will be actioned with 7 days of a revised invoice being issued.


Pitch Fees

Pitch fees represent the rental of your pitch for the coming year. These are invoiced once a year in September and payable by 1st January each year. Please refer to your licence agreement for more details about the proportion of pitch you would be due back based on when you terminate your licence agreement and leave park. Any refunds due are calculated to the date of your vacating your pitch and will be actioned within thirty days of your departure.


Holiday Home Sales

Initial deposits of up to £1,000 are non refundable . Please see the terms and conditions on the reverse of you Sales Invoice which sets out your rights when purchasing a holiday home. When purchasing a Holiday Home with finance provision from Santander Consumer Finance a cooling off period applies and all sums over and above the initial deposit (normally £1,000) are refundable upon receipt of your cancellation letter. Largo House County Park does not take responsibility for privately organised finance arrangements with other funders.


if you would like to discuss and items of our refund policy please do not hesitate to contact Andrew Blackie on






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